We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Industrial Chemicals, Industrial Minerals, Corrosion Inhibitors, Speciality Chemicals, Sugar Chemicals, Bulk Chemicals, Heat Exchanger Descaling Chemicals, Agro Chemicals (Agriculture / Agricultural Chemicals), Food Chemicals from PCMC (Pimpri Chinchwad), Pune, Maharashtra, India. Majorly we target customers from ALL OVER INDIA including Indian Metro Cities like Mumbai (Maharashtra), Delhi, Kolkata (West Bengal), Chennai (Tamil Nadu), Bangalore (Karnataka), Hyderabad (Telangana), Ahmedabad (Gujarat), Pune (Maharashtra), Surat (Gujarat).

Corrosion Inhibitors

In hot, humid environments, metals are always at risk of rust and corrosion

BISAN's Corrosion Inhibitors are the chosen range of corrosion inhibitors in many industries and are highly rated around the world because of their unique properties, superior corrosion-inhibiting performance, and easy application. The extensive BISAN's Corrosion Inhibitors as a corrosion inhibitor for every situation and delivers optimal solutions for all your needs. BISAN brings you a range of polyelectrolytes under the brand name GOODTREAT in various molecular weights and charge densities depending upon the customer's requirements

  • Easy water or mild alkaline cleaner tool clean up
  • Environmentally friendly low odor product
  • Low VOC
  • Does not contain Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPS) : barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, and zinc, Contains components that are generally regarded as safe.
  • Excellent adhesion/cohesion of the coating for even coverage
  • May be applied using conventional spray systems
  • Category & Product Name :
  • Application and Dosage: Please consult our technical team for the cleaning procedure

    Handling Measures And Precautions It is safe to handle but the use of safety goggles and hand gloves is recommended. In case of contact with the skin, wash with a copious amount of water

    Storage This product should be stored in cool and dry places, away from sources of heat, flame, and direct sunlight for more shelf life. Please refer to Label.

    Supply Drum / Can : 20 Ltrs. & 40 Ltrs.

    Speciality Chemicals

    Specialty chemicals (also called specialties or effect chemicals) are particular chemical products that provide a wide variety of effects on which many other industry sectors rely. Some of the categories of specialty chemicals are adhesives, agrichemicals, cleaning materials, cosmetic additives, construction chemicals, elastomers, flavors, food additives, fragrances, industrial gases, lubricants, polymers, surfactants, and textile auxiliaries. Other industrial sectors such as automobile, aerospace, food, cosmetics, agriculture, manufacturing, textile industries are highly dependent on such products

  • Glycol
  • Decolorizer for ETP
  • BOD - COD Reduction Chemical
  • Odour Control Chemical
  • Rust Cleaner
  • Decolorizer for ETP
  • Bottle Washing Compound
  • Liquid Detergent
  • Sugar Chemicals

    We are the largest sugar processing chemical manufacturers and suppliers in India. Bisan offers a range of specialty sugar chemicals. Our range includes organic and inorganic Antiscalant, biocides, and sugar juice clarification.

  • Viscosity Reducer
  • Colour precipitant liquid clarifier
  • Biocide for sugar chemical
  • Polyelectrolyte for Sugar
  • Bulk Chemicals

    A bulk chemical are a group of chemical that is made on a very large scale to satisfy global market these bulk chemicals are known for their features of precise ph value and reliability in application

  • RO Chemical
  • Glycols
  • Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Descaling of Heat Exchangers

    Descaling of Heat Exchangers of chemical that is made on a very large scale to satisfy global market these bulk Descaling chemicals are known for their features of precise ph value and reliability in application